The French Revolution course ending 2015 is a free website set up by practising history teachers and experts on the subject matter

An excellent starting point for VCE Unit 3 comes from Ms Lucy Rodgers-Wilson at Wesley College. (used with her permission)


Overviews of this period can be found at
A podcast by Mark Steel covering the main details of the French revolution.
A youtube clip which may amuse you

A crash course in the French Revolution by American John Green: extends beyond our course timeframe but allows an understanding of how it all fits together. Note the corrected error in the presentation!

French Revolution Flashcards

Area of study 1 image based assessment examples: start here

Try the above for source material. Remember to question where the information is coming from and challenge the source for authenticity.
The Hamilton and Alexandra College material:
Term 1 Lessons.
Term 2 Lessons.