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Introduction to the course

These are targeted at the SAC topics and the examination (format for 2016 is yet to be published).
Essay Writing - relevant to new and old courses.
New course: Historians' Interpretations and Historical Perspectives previously Historiography
An Analysis of Primary Sources (covering Historical Perspectives previously Visual Analysis
Historical Inquiry previously Research Report
Study Skills
Shared Activities

- Meetingwords chat and shared notepad -Can be used to discuss what we are covering in real time, notes are saved between visits.

Teaching timeline for the year 2016
To see other students' writing go to http://revolutionshistory.wikispaces.com/

free counters

It is interesting to compare the statistics presented by these three counting tools (flag counter added 6/6/2011). This is an example from current times of why statistics differ depending on account to which you are referring. Historians' interpretations and perspectives of people living at the time matter: whose account is it? Why would this account be trustworthy? Whose accounts would be supported by this information?
Skills for SACs and the examination.

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Historical Perspectives